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Where to from here??? Action plan after a pandemic

Well, this is the question you may have been pondering about lately. And I do not have an answer for your particular situation, but I have a few thoughts regardless.
Whenever we have faced a pandemic in the history of mankind or in the history of our natural world, people or animals or natural systems did not just get sick out of nowhere. The disease was not the starting point.
A poisoning of the water, the food, the air and malnutrition triggered the outbreak and exposed our fragile immune system making it easy for a virus like this one to take hold. Now you may wonder, who or what is poisoning our food and fresh water in this time and age aren’t we all well fed?
May I stir you in the right direction: chlorine in the water, glyphosphate and other agrochemicals in our food, antibiotics, microwave radiation from phones, wifi routers, laptops, 5G, 1080 drops on our fresh water reservoirs and native bush. I have a dozen more, but I will stop here and get you to do your own research. Some of these measures like antibiotics and chlorine are put in place with a good intention to keep us from harm and to kill harmful bacteria, but they also kill our very own microbiome.

Chlorination is just a band aid, that does not remove the problem that the water is unhygienic in the first place. Do we not live in clean green New Zealand? The new biology and the scientific research being conduced explains that we are made up of 10 times more bacteria and viruses than human cells. We host 3.5 million microbial genes. Our microbiome has an impact on everything in our body – hormone production, nervous system, immune system etc. It acts as a separate organ and is the most important one. It is not controlled by the brain like all other organs are. Te research is fascinating! By having our drinking water chlorinated (in order to kill bacteria) we are harming our very own bacteria that make up who we are and how we function.
Our microbiome gets a beating every time we have to take antibiotics. The bacteria and viruses (yes, we have viruses in our body at all times that protect us!) are responsible for 70% of our immune system and they are not happy with what we eat and drink.
Now you wonder what you can do to remove some of the toxins and get access to clean, organic, nutritious food – that you can actually afford?

GROW YOUR OWN and be as self-reliant as possible is all I can say. And if you don’t think you have the space, then I have the vision of 10 families buying a piece of land in the country. One family will live on site year round, while other families take turns to come out to the country and help with preparing the soil for planting, sowing seeds and learning about permaculture and organic gardening, compost making etc. The farm can have some livestock as well, a dairy cow or goats and their manure will enrich the soil for planting food. Families get their food from the farm, year round and in case of a natural disaster like this one, the families move out to the farm and have their needs met for fresh food, community and security.

It doesn’t need to be a lifestyle block, most urban properties are great to grow food! Just look outside the window and the amount of lawn that you have. With clever permaculture principles and techniques 500m2 can provide a lot of food for a family. It’s a start and it’s the learning that you do along the way that makes it worthwhile to convert at least some lawn to an edible oasis. That’s how we started 10 years ago. One raised bed on an urban property. It was a start and it feed us delicious kai and started the fire and passion in my belly to learn more.

Some might argue that they do not have time with full time job and possibly young children to get into gardening, but I encourage you to maybe write down how much money you spend on vegetables per week. Vegetables are pricey and I believe that you can use one day per week to grow your food and work 4 days instead of 5 and you still have the same amount on your account at the end of the month. Plus you are happier and healthier.

In the meantime support regenerative agriculture, organic food production and try to buy as local as you can from the farmer that you trust.

Here the link to an interesting podcast on this topic:
Kirk Hall: What If The Global Economy Crashed?
It just comes down to food security, vital in this time and age. Degrowth needs to happen if we want to have a planet to nourish our grandchildren. Pushing for more growth will create a greater disaster and our grandchildren will not thank us for what we did.

Don’t even hope that this is the last one we have to deal with in our lifetime. We have faced and will continue to face earthquakes, floods and other natural disasters. Shortages of food as we see in other countries will come when our fertile soils continue to be diminished and can’t take the toxic load anymore, finite resources we are so dependent on will be used up and we will see more pandemics like COVID-19.
What we need most is food, shelter and water security! It comes down to those 3 things. This is what we have been working on over the last 7 years and we will continue to do so and share our knowledge and expertise with you via this blog and workshops on the farm.

Below a few images from our food and preserves, grown on the farm and made on the farm in the last couple of months.

Inspired??? Then get planning during the lockdown!

Secure a piece of land and grow your own food, get the knowledge to grow nutrient rich, organic produce and teach your children and others!

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