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Probiotic Milk Kefir for Orphaned Lambs

The importance of a healthy gut flora for health, immunity and well-being has been scientifically proven. Milk kefir is full of probiotics and enzymes aiding in the digestion of milk and populating the gut with healthy microbes.

In most years we have orphaned lambs on our farm and kefir is the most amazing additive to raw cow’s milk and to lamb milk replacer powder (also made from cow’s milk).

A newborn lamb enjoying the warmth of the house on a cold winter’s day.

The gut of a newborn lamb is very slowly colonised after birth. Thus, the newborn lamb has little or no gut based immunity and is highly susceptible to E.coli infections.

Milk kefir contains billions of beneficial gut bacteria which help to counter pathogenic infections as well as boosting the immune system of the lamb.

Milk kefir can treat lambs which have diarrhea and it will also aid in their growth and development.

Many milk replacer companies are aware about the issues that lambs have when using milk replacers and recommend buying a probiotic powder for overall lambs’ health.

Now you can make milk kefir at home and add this to your lambs milk every day for overall health and immunity without the need to buying probiotic capsules or powders again and again.

You can get a starter pack of active, healthy milk kefir grains here.

Simply add the kefir grains to a cup of milk and let ferment at room temperature for 24 hours. Stain off the milk and add 1-2 Tsp to the lamb’s milk bottle. Increase the volume as the milk volume increases.

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