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KoruKai Herb Farm on Country Calendar – FAQ

We feel privileged and honored that we were chosen to showcase our farm on Country Calendar.

We are truly blown away and honored that we got picked to show what we do on our wee farm. It was wonderful for us to watch our Country Calendar episode on TV and to see how they have put the 5 days of filming into a 20-minute programme.

We received an overwhelming positive response from all over Aotearoa. Apparently our episode was very popular and received the second highest rating from all of the shows in the 2021 season.

You are welcome to share it with your customers and on your facebook pages to make them aware who is behind the KoruKai products you sell in your store.

If you have missed it you can watch it on demand here:

We got a few hundred email and we tried to respond to every single one. If we haven’t responded to yours, please resend it as some emails have been lost.
Below a few links to resources that were most frequently asked about:

We got many requests to visit the farm. We have spaces available at our Guided Farm Tour on the 5th December, and on the 13th February. The farm tour on the 9th January is fully booked.

Biochar is not hard to make at home. We have put together a blog post with the plan for an easy DIY kiln to make biochar using the “flame cap” method. It also includes a link to a webinar from 2nd July 2020 with Dennis Enright from New Zealand Biochar Ltd. and myself.

We frequently got asked if we use Biodynamic techniques or use Korean Natural Farming. I think both types are great ways to farm, but we are trained in the Soil Food Web approach by Dr. Elaine Ingham. We call our farming type biological farming, it is now often referred to as regenerative farming. We enhance the functions of the soil by fostering the soil food web. We offer gardening workshops and write many gardening articles on the topic, like this one on “pH in a Biological Gardening and Farming System“. For more info on the SFW please see here:

We are working hard to get out of stock items back in stock. For some that’s only a few days and for others it’s a couple of months. We ran out of a few herbs and with the harvest season progressing well, we are hoping to have most items back in stock soon. If things take longer we generally put a note on the individual product with a time frame. You can subscribe to get an email notification on each out of stock product.

Medicinal and culinary plants are available in winter when they are dormant, like the Elecampane shown in the Country Calendar show. Check out our Grow Your Own category for plants and seeds. Some products like the seed garlic may not even make it into the newsletter once it is back in stock because a couple of hundred people will get an email once it is available for ordering.

Most of the time we are unable to give individual medical advice about certain ailments, because we are not naturopaths. I completed an apprenticeship in herbal medicine at Valmai Becker’s Phytofarm in 2014, which enabled me to transform freshly grown herbs into a range of products. Product formulation and crafting has become a passion of mine and I am so glad that they work so well for most of our customers. We can of course advice you if a certain product is suitable for a certain condition and can give you product advice. For inquiries please email us at [email protected]

I know many of you enjoy reading other people’s reviews about a product. It helps to find out how others are using it and if it is the right product for you. It also helps us to see if we are on the right track with a product or if we need to improve it. If you have purchased a product lately you may want to review it. Simply head to the product page and hit “Write review”, then a window pops up for you to add your review. If you do not want to leave your full name, simply use your initials or your first name. Thank you.

Featured image: KoruKai family (photo credit: Vicki Wilkinson-Baker)

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