The customer feedback and the many happy, returning customers prove that our skin care and herbal products are among the best of the best and we are proud to supply such high quality products for our customers.
Try for yourself and see the difference it makes when herbs are NZ grown, potent and fresh and not imported from all over the world.

Through our webshop: we ship our herbal products from our farm straight to your letterbox. Links to individual categories within the shop are on the headlines below.

Herbal Teas
Herbs are 100% organic and all grown on KoruKai Herb Farm in Pigeon Bay. Herbs are hand picked and carefully dried providing outstanding flavour and potency for our teas. Packs contain loose leaves, flowers and roots. A strainer is required to strain plant material once tea has steeped. The paper bags are compostable and biodegradable in a home compost system.

We blend the teas right on the farm and stock over 12 varieties.

Herbal Health Remedies
Our health remedies are very potent due to the freshness of the herbs we grow on the farm. The children’s remedies are deliciously blended and taste great even for picky little ones.

Herbal health remedies with herbs from the farm – so fantastic!

Natural Skin Care Products
Our skin care products are made with oils that are carefully sourced with the preference for certified organic, cold-pressed, natural and unrefined oils. We infuse herbs grown at KoruKai Herb Farm for their certain properties over a 6-week cold infusion in certified organic sunflower oil and blend them to provide a wide range of skin care products – natural and chemical free to nourish your skin.

Our customer’s favourite!

Eco Hair and Hygiene Soaps, Bars and Deodorant
Our hair and hygiene products focus on ecofriendly packaging, a high quality standard and a fair price. They are all formulated to suit people with sensitive skin and are gently perfumed with natural essential oils. Products are moisturising and cleansing without stripping the skin from its natural oils.

Skin Repair & Wound Healing
Highly potent herbs grown on KoruKai Herb Farm are extracted in organic oils and ethanol for a 6-week period and blended for certain conditions. Their healing qualities are outstanding and the products are chemical free, natural and preservative free.

Our must-haves in the herbal first aid kit.

Fermentation Equipment, Milk Kefir Grains and other Cultures
We offer a range of fermentation equipment to get you started on the journey of better health, nutrition and well-being.

Vegetables fermenting with the aid of glass weights and silicone airlocks.

Grow Your Own
This is for the gardeners and the DIYers that want to grow medicinal herbs in their plot of land and maybe want to start making their own herbal preparations.
Our Grow Your Own category is very dynamic and changes frequently depending on the availably of medicinal herbs, cuttings, roots and other perennial plants from our herb farm. Please check on our website what is available.

KoruKai Herb Farm, Banks Peninsula, New Zealand